The weekend

Reaching Friday on a difficult week is equal to reaching the summit of a mountain. However the spiritual experience of conquering the physical challenges of climbing and challenging your own limits  and reaching a summit has an enlightening feel.  Friday nights in a challenging week are often more about recovery.


I am challenging myself tonight on my new year’s resolutions. In the space filled energy of the Christmas holidays I knew what I needed to do to reach into my deepest being to achieve happiness, satisfaction, congruence. Yet no more than 7 weeks into the new year I have allowed worklife to draw me away from that vision into a synthetic existence that is not dependent on my own energies and desires but others’ agendas and frustrations.


I visited a primary school today that caused me to reflect on my work life. The Headteacher and Depute there talked of their belief, their passion, their trust in staff, their plans for the future and the focus of their passion was outside their office. children milled around, happy and confident, trusting in the safety and structure of a well managed and ambitious school.  It was a joy to see.

I love being challenged and my experience today in that school challenged me to follow my dreams…..


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