About Yvonne

I have been in education for over 30 years and am now Head of Schools Service in Scottish Borders Council.  I have had a lifelong interest in learning and have enjoyed studying through Masters degrees in Education and Advanced Research and Design Methodology through Edinburgh University.  I am one of the many unfinished doctoral students and may yet finish that dissertation…

I am interested in all aspects of Scottish Education including; early years, curriculum for excellence at all levels and, at its core, learning and teaching for understanding.  Two of my most fascinating experiences have been spending 1:1 time with Noel Entwistle and Tim Brighouse.  I have been privileged to spend time with many eminent educationalists and equally privileged to spend time with wonderful inspiring teachers and educators.  I am Treasurer of ADES (Association of Directors of Education Scotland) and have been fortunate to benefit from the many and varied development opportunities offered through ADES.  We now have an increasing membership and a far more inclusive approach through strong networks covering curriculum and qualifications, lifelong learning, performance and improvement, personnel and the Directors’ forum.

My blog is a personal reflection on the issues that I meet in my everyday job managing schools 3-18 and through discussion with colleagues.  Thinking is a favourite pastime of mine…I approach blogging with some trepidation but got there via twitter!

Much of my time is taken up with my family of three girls and love meeting, shopping and talking with them.  I love walking, cooking, creative writing, dressmaking, travelling, eating out and exploring my faith.

I hope that some of my ‘wonderings’ will draw some dialogue as belonging to a community is the main attraction to me in blogging…


3 thoughts on “About Yvonne

  1. Hi Yvonne, I was down in Darnick last week visiting my step-mother and wondered how you were. Then I came across your blog tonight and realised again just how wonderfully and pasionately open and brave you are. I remember fondly our chats about education, learning, life and faith. I’m happily retired now, enjoying a more gentle rhythm to my days and doing some work for Mary’s Meals. I’m on Facebook and Twitter if you ever want to get in touch. Congratulations – I see you’re now a grandmother. I hope you and your family are all well. Go well. Blessings, David

    • Lovely to hear from you David often think of you and jealous of your gentle rhythm to life…quite manic here still! Hope you and yours are well also. Will look for you on Twitter and Facebook and we can back in touch x

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