What counts? SQA Awaits…

Quite a week. Spent last couple of days ensuring that we have the data we need for media requests for Monday’s SQA results…for young people on Tuesday. Had some wobbles in SEEMIS Vision data across Scotland but confident it will get sorted for Monday. Secondary HTs accessing accurate data on SQA website and analysing student by student- who dares criticise the commitment of HTs and staff in finding out how well their young people have done?

Juxtapose that against coping with my husband’s impending triple bypass heart operation next week and teachers will absolutely understand how it is perfectly possible to care about both. I just love the calls I have had from secondary HTs today finding out how successful their planning, training, caring, learning, cajoling, encouraging, enthusing, valuing has been. They don’t have a smidgen of understanding that this is way outside what many people think HTs and staff are doing at this time of year. It doesn’t matter to them- not because they have to produce great results for ‘those and such as those’ but for their young folk- their moral purpose. Then you have the reason I am still in the job after all these years, when I veer between worrying about ensuring how we represent schools and young people accurately next week with how well my husband will recover from his operation. To someone outwith the schools sector this would sound close to madness. To me it reminds me how incredibly honoured I have been to be involved in the most honourable of professions, the mad world of the knot of love, expectation, angst, frustration, excitement, pride, fear and professionalism that represents the teaching profession. Misunderstood. Mystifying. Weak at professional promotion or explanation of intention. Lost often in the depths of complexity in how to improve learning, understanding, teaching skill.

So I face a week next week where my husband will be in major surgery and I am optimistic and worried in equal measure. I also cannot disconnect myself from a profession that holds me and keeps me in a web of respect that never leaves me, waiting and anxious to see how well we have helped our young people to show their strengths and achieve what they deserve…worried and anxious for my husband’s recovery.